Prices & Examples Of Our Replicas & Frames

Below are some of our packages.  However, please note that due to the large variety of our product range it is impossible to list all options.  Prices depend on the age of the baby as well as the type of frame chosen.  If your specifications are different as those shown below please fill out the form with your specific needs or contact the franchisee closest to you.  You can find their contact details here.

Blue & Gold with Photo


Normal Toffee & Wood

R1 530

Normal Blue & Coffee Bean

R1 925

Mirror Beige & Wood

R1 995

Double Photo & White Wash

R3 270

Mirror White & White Wash

R3 270

Black & Gold with Photo

R2 225

Butterflies & White Wash

R2 545

Teddy Bear & Coffee Bean

R2 770