For the last 17 years the Baby Steps franchise have made thousands of 3’D sets for customers all over South Africa. With this innovative idea, you will always be reminded of how small your newborn’s hands and feet were at birth.

Other options are to make a cast of one of your newborn’s feet and to add a new cast every year on his/her birthday for the next six years or until he/she goes to school. In time, all the casts are mounted in one big frame, with a plaque for each cast to display the date on which that particular mold was made. Or, how about making molds of mom or dad’s hand with the newborn’s hand in it, or grandmother’s praying hands or even grandfather’s work-callused hands? If you just got engaged or married, internalize your clasping hands, mounted on a wooden stand and sealed with a see through cylinder.

We are currently specializing in 3’D Molding/casting of baby hands and feet. We also cast parents, grandparents, toddlers hands and feet, your pets paws as well as plating of special items such as dummies,shoes etc.

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